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A triumph of dark and protean North American black metal, PREDATORY LIGHT and VORDE join forces for a 38 minute excursion into the abyss that solidifies both acts' ascendancy of contemporary black metal. Following their acclaimed debut EP, PREDATORY LIGHT expands upon their first effort and offers 2 tracks of stygian black metal steeped in murk and gloom. For their side, VORDE contribute a twisting mass of acosmic ritual black metal, showcasing an original atmosphere that can only be called their own, improving upon their already stellar 2014 debut.

Released in conspiracy between PSYCHIC VIOLENCE RECORDS and FALLEN EMPIRE RECORDS, MMXV. Featuring original hallucinatory art by Todd White. All material expertly recorded throughout MMXIV by Andrew Oswald, and mastered by Dan Randall.

All materials manufactured in the USA.


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